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War of the Spanish Succession

Although we already have nearly one hundred different codes available, clearly our current range of WSS miniatures is not yet complete. More grenadier types are on the work-bench and also the first highly requested cavalrymen.
More personalised command figures and the first artillery will gradually become available as well.

Cavalry release is about to be announced.


The Great War in Africa

New miniatures covering the Great War in Africa are scheduled as an expansion on our current WWI range. More specifically starting with the armies involved in the battles around lake Tanganyika.

Belgian “Force Publique”, German “schutztruppen” and the “North Rodesian Police Force” are being mustered. Please have a look at the first Belgian askari.


Fix Bayonets: WWI Game Box

I think it’s more than time for an update on our WWI game box that was scheduled to be released early 2020, obviously things turned out differently.

Quickly after the pandemic started gaming became scarce, not just in Belgium but all over the world. Developing a new set of rules under such circumstances turned out to be hard to sustain for us. We have not abandoned the project however, lots of new miniatures have been developed and stand ready once we push through the project.

My apologies for the delay, I intend to present a new time schedule by the end of this year.

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1/144 Belgian Armoured train

Early after the outbreak of the war the decision was made to build several armoured trains. At least three light and three heavy armoured trains were build. These are somewhat forgotten weapons and have never been build as a model kit either.
We are building the “light” armoured train that consisted of a 18 meters long front wagon with a 57mm Nordefeld rapid firing gun at the front and a Hotchkiss machine gun on both sides. Then came the locomotive, “type de l’état 15” and later “type 32”, after the locomotive came another small wagon 6 meter long with a Hotchkiss machine gun at the back.