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New miniatures for the “War of the Spanish Succession”

Regiment of Horse


As our first set of cavalry we have chosen the most common type of cavalry used during this period, commonly known as a “regiment of Horse”. The troopers all have a short carbine rifle attached to a shoulder belt, a gunpowder flask and a cavalry sword. On the horses two pistols are carried as well.

We have a pack of 15 troopers and a command pack of 5 different figures so all together 10 different codes are available in two packs. We are also preparing a boxed set of cavalry.

Now available on our shop page!


First set of Dutch grenadiers


Several different types of grenadier caps have been identified as Dutch. This is the first type we want to present, I’m using Robert Hall’s work on the Dutch as my main source of information but you can easily find more information about Dutch grenadier caps on the internet as well. A fur cap for the “Gardes te voet” is also scheduled and another one with triangular teeth decorating the edges.

Release dates yet to be scheduled.