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Belgian Minerva armoured car in scale 1/144, four crewmen are included.

I did a lot of research on this vehicle before I started on the prototype.No building plans have survived but fortunately the Minerva armoured car was a real eye catcher for the press in 1914 so there are many images available.

I also added the four cylinder sleeveless Minerva engine still visible through the armoured engine cap.

Both the gunner and the rifleman are wearing the uniform of the carabinier regiment with their distinctive field cap. The driver wears the engineers field cap, later this cap was used as a basis for the famous “yser cap”.

Since their uniform was in a transition phase, Belgian officers in 1914 had a wide choice of garments. Our officer is wearing the 1913 “vareuse” with rank distinction on the sleeves, his field cap was known as the “portefeuille”(wallet) and he is wearing riding breaches with high black leather gaiters.

To allow you to field a larger group of Minervas a separate crew pack of ten crewmen in various poses will be made available later.

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