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Van Dyck

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Of course most of you will have visited many miniature websites before, so what makes this one so special? Please let me introduce a few key objectives we try to uphold for all our miniatures.

  • At Van Dyck Models and Figurines we aim to deliver miniatures with an enhanced level of detail unseen in this scale or even on lager scales. All figurines you see here are hand sculpted under magnification.
  • We also made an effort to include a considerable amount of sculpts for each range, for example most of our infantry packs have seven different poses of soldiers, along with two different NCO’s.
  • All of this allows gamers or collectors to field their units with a very high amount realism, figures look uniform but also have a lot of individual characteristics, even in this small scale.

All our ranges will be further expanded and we hope to deliver more of our detailed miniatures from different time periods in the future.

Thank you for your interest!
With the most kind Greetings, Kristiaan Van Dyck


The Scale

All our miniatures are at scale 1:144 corresponding to 10-12 mm.

1:144 scale conversion examples:
A person of 172,8 cm actual height results in a 12 mm figurine
A person of 187,2 cm actual height results in a 13 mm figurine

A few words in support of the scale 1:144, on just a small amount of space you can build units with a considerable amount of beautiful miniatures, giving them the appearance of real size battle formations. An individual miniature still has enough detail to clearly identify it, in fact our miniatures even have all the details you will find on bigger scales as well, 1:144 is a perfect balance between size and detail.

Our Catalogue

27 BC – 284 AD

Ancients, for me personally, it takes me back to my childhood when I got inspired by the books and certainly also by the drawings of Peter Connolly, the Roman and the Greek armies, supplemented by John Warry’s book “Warfare in the classical world”. I never lost my interest and since I ended up as a miniature sculptor and designer I had to bring alive some of my favourite classical armies.

The Roman army could be considered as the most uniform army of the period but for the ancient Germans I had to use a different approach, since headgear seemed to be lacking, I ended up making dozens of different heads. If you take the young warriors for example, I made 10 different body poses/clothing, I placed a different head on each of them and changed some clothing details, so this is actually a pack with 30 different miniatures, it’s a bit crazy, even for me.

Both the Roman army and the ancient Germanic tribesmen will be further complemented in the future, so, to be continued!



We are at the end of king Louis’ XIV long reign and the War of the Spanish succession was to be his last major war. France entered the war as an undisputed superpower with the ambition to dominate and expand its borders, instead the long war drained her resources to the limits.

Uniforms only just appeared on the European battlefields a few decades before and they did not yet show any characteristics by which you could distinguish the soldiers’ nation. In fact uniforms still followed civilian fashion at the time.

To increase their overall appeal and to give your units a very dynamic appearance all packs have several different miniatures, all with different heads, hair and slightly different poses.

I would like to present you our 10-12mm miniature range for this exiting period in history. I’ve made a real effort to produce the best possible sculpts for wargamers, miniature painters and collectors so you can get started and bring back alive some flavour of this Baroque era! Please enjoy!


For more than four years “the first world war” plunged our planet into an unseen darkness, millions would perish on the European battlefields and far beyond. Our world would never be the same again, just to be repeated on an even bigger scale by a “second world war” a few decades later.

In western Europe the first world war started with the invasion of my country Belgium on the 4th of august 1914. The Belgian army neither had the numbers nor the equipment to effectively stop the German war machine. Still they made an effort to do the impossible and unexpected by friend and foe they managed to slow down the German advance at least a little bit.

Our range represents the Belgian army at the outbreak of world war one, still wearing the beautiful uniforms from a previous era. The uniforms may have been unsuited for the modern war that was to go down but when painted, these figures will look great on any wargame table!!!


Work in progress

Have a glimpse on what’s coming, continuously expanding our offer is an important part of our mission!


Work is never done, here we want to show you our new upcoming figurines. Most of our packs contain many different miniatures. Until all sculpts have been made, items remain on this page. Once the sculpts are finished we can start making moulds from the Masters. With the Master moulds we can cast Sub-Masters we need to eventually make production moulds. Just a few short sentences but as you can imagine, it’s a big load of work.

So sometimes it takes quite some time before a new product (pack of miniatures) can be added to the catalogue. Please consider the complicated process needed to make them available to you.

A pack of miniatures from “Van Dyck Models and Figurines” contains many carefully sculpted and casted figures, aimed at delivering you the best quality of wargame miniatures on the market.


Trade shows

To present our miniatures to the public we try to attend as many wargame trade shows and conventions as possible. To give you an idea where you can see our miniatures “in the flesh”, I’ve made a list of the most recent conventions we attended so far.

If you’re organising a wargame show/convention and you think “Van Dyck Models and Figurines” would fit your show nicely, please don’t hesitate to contact us, if it’s within our reach we are happy to attend!