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1/144 Belgian "Light" armoured train

In addition to our upcoming WWI ranges we would like to share with you some images of a Belgian "Light" armoured train no release date yet.

Early after the outbreak of the war the decision was made to build several armoured trains. At least three light and three heavy armoured trains were build. These are somewhat forgotten weapons and have never been build as a model kit either.

 Anyway we are building the "light" armoured train that consisted of a front wagon 18 meters long with a 57mm Nordefeld rapid firing gun at the front and a Hotchkiss machine gun on both sides. The only surviving image of this train shows this wagon (see below).

Then came the locomotive, "type de l'état 15" and later "type 32".

After the locomotive came another small wagon 6 meter long with a Hotchkiss machine gun at the back.

 Have a look at the first images:

Original image:

 Our prototype:

The machine gun hatch: